Smart City Solutions

Interoperable Smart City

Interactive Digital Twins

  • Matrix Viewer – is a customizable interactive immersive environment used to visualize projects of virtually any size. We combine point clouds, 3d models, 360 images to provide a comprehensive representation of what is going on with your project.
  • IoT Data – Digital twins come to life with the injection of rich IoT data. 360 Matrix can merge high-resolution sensor data with your digital twin to create a digital model for use with, simulating, and analyzing the real-world asset or environment.
  • Cloud-based Hosting – Our digital twins can be delivered both online and to the desktop. Hosting in the cloud, allows all stakeholders to have access to the same dataset for smooth collaboration.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Using AI digital twins are becoming applicable to a wide range of applications. Technologies such as speech recognition, and deep learning for immersive experiences, enabling us to look inside the digital twin and extrapolate valuable insights.

Let us help make sense of your data. Our team can process your data and generate reports in industry standard formats that help you to make critical decisions.